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Kiwi Aircraft Images - a wide ranging site that includes a page on the Zero NZ6000, and also coverage of many other New Zealand aircraft

Zero Fighter World - a Japanese site covering Zeros that still exist within Japan, and also some coverage of the USA scene. Includes a chatroom for discussions on and about the aircraft. The language used is a little quirky, but it is all good fun!

Elevon - this site provides a 'home' for a wide collection of aviation-related pages. There is an aircraft index here that allows you to search many types, but strangely the Zero is listed under 'A' for A6M !!

The New Zealand Fighter Pilots Museum is located in Wanaka in the South Island of New Zealand, and offers the widest collection of airworthy historic military aircraft in this country. One item in their collection is an ex-Royal Canadian Air Force Harvard IV that was converted to a Zero replica in 1968 for use in the filming of the movie "Tora! Tora! Tora!" Other replicas of this type also survive elsewhere.

This is a site that attempts to list all Japanese, German, Finnish, Rumanian and Italian wartime aircraft that are still in existance. Many oddities are still with us...